7 weeks

This week, as well as the constant sliding scale between ‘OMGsofullmightdie’ and ‘OMGneedfoodRIGHTNAOW’, I also seem to have chucked ‘OMGgoingtopassout’ in to the mix. A little bit of internet research later, and I decided it might be something to do with my iron levels. Taking an iron supplement in addition to my pre-natal vitamin seems to be improving things, but I’ll pick this up with the midwife next week.

ALL of my favourite shops announced their summer sales this week, and some right bargains were to be had. Unfortunately, all purchases need to pass the ‘would this look good with a bowling ball up it?’ test, and thankfully, a few did, including this top, this top and this dress from Great Plains and this spotty dress from Fat Face. I’m just COUNTING down the days until it’s socially acceptable to buy some maternity jeans because hotdamn those things look comfy and my bloat needs somewhere to go.

Lovely sister-in-law dropped off a sack full of maternity clothes which was mega kind and exciting, but less so when you remember that she’s 2 dress sizes smaller than you and about a foot shorter. Much hilarity ensued when I managed to actually get in to a pair of maternity trousers before realising they were back to front, and the reason that they fitted was because my arse was in the belly band.

This week, the impact of not going to the gym because I was too busy getting married/going on honeymoon / moving house / oops I’m pregnant really hit home when I felt my arm wobble from side to side when blow drying my hair. So disgusted in my new wobbly ways was I that I googled the swimming timetable at my new local pool and found a local yoga class around the corner (yay), which also does pre-natal yoga (woo yeah). I fired off an email to the yoga woman and did 10 squats, so I reckon that’s my exercise done for this week, right?


6 weeks

In my week 5 post, I chuckled to myself as I wrote “…this may be the last update I write without my head in a bucket”. How right I was. As my alarm went off and the BabyCentre app sent me a notification to say I was about to enter my 6th week of pregnancy, my stomach leapt in to my throat and has yet to really leave.

Thankfully, the morning sickness beastie doesn’t seem to be very consistent in their approach, so I’m granted good days, and bad days. Bad days involved going to work with what feels like the worst hangover you’ve ever had, whilst pretending you’re completely fine, or, when I was at my worst, laying in bed all day licking dry biscuits and cursing your husband non-stop. Good days involve less retching, but only if marmite on toast was administered within the first 5 minutes of waking up, and at least 10 minutes before getting out of bed. As a result, my husband’s waking words have now become ‘would you like some breakfast?’, quite adorably, including once at 2am, when I got up for one of my 15 wees of the night.

Speaking of weeing, you know that thing about weeing a lot in the first few weeks of pregnancy? Something to do with your little uterus being all low and putting pressure on your bladder and things? EXCLUSIVELY HAPPENS AT NIGHT for me. Considering how bloody knackered I am most of the time, THIS REALLY DOESN’T BLOODY HELP. A ‘normal’ night is between 3-4 wees. No, it doesn’t matter whether I drink less before bed, yes I have tried. OK, I might be a little bit grumpy.

So, back to the morning sickness thing. A  good day definitely involves breakfast in bed being administered before I’m even properly awake. It also involves eating. Pretty much constantly. As long as it comes from the list of “agreeable pregnancy foods”, and happens once every 90 minutes, I can keep the retches at bay.

Agreeable pregnancy foods include the following:

  • marmite on toast
  • cheese/beans on toast
  • jam on toast
  • sandwiches of any kind
  • crisps, particularly salt and vinegar ones
  • cheese
  • biscuits, particularly of the “Go Ahead” or “Belvita” variety
  • Nesquick, in any form
  • ALL the milk

Unagreeable pregnancy foods include:

  • Anything of sound nutritional value
  • Vegetables
  • Meat
  • Fruit

I have also developed the belly of a gastric bypass patient. I can eat approximately 1/4 of any meal put in front of me, then I feel so full, I want to curl up and hibernate. Thirty minutes later? STARVING. Speaking of which, I’m pretty hungry now. Jaffa Cake or Nesquik cereal? Hmm.

6 week bump (or lack thereof)

Alphamom’s Zero-to-Forty Guide to Pregnancy

There is SO much stuff you can read about pregnancy online, which (along with the general moodiness, retching and feeling like death) has resulted in my mobile data package lasting me a record-breaking TWO weeks in to my monthly allowance since I found myself in the family way. Some of it is interesting, a lot of it is terrifying, and once, just once, I stumbled across a site that touched a nerve because it was both true to life and laugh-out-loud funny.

So, if you’re looking for a week-by-week breakdown of what’s going on in that crazy uterus of yours (or more likely, my poor husband wants to know what misery to look forward to next week), head on over to Alphamom’s Guide to Pregnancy. 

Currently contemplating on whether to write an update for week seven, or whether to just steal Alphamom’s 

Girls Weekend in London

Spot the “gin” and tonic.

So you remember that sicky I was meant to pull just before I was meant to go to London? Well, between that post and the Friday afternoon I was meant to get on the train, I remembered that I’m a terrible liar, put on my brave face and headed to London. I got approximately one “gin” and tonic in to our Friday night, when our mega-French waitress bought me a (very) large gin to go with my tonic. It turns out, there is no subtle way of turning down a (delicious) large gin without getting a whole load of suspicious eyes on you from your best friends. I ‘fessed up approximately 10 seconds later.

I was worried I would put a bit of a dampner on the weekend with all my not-drinking-lots-of-sleeping things, but I was so glad I went. It was a great chance to catch up with the girls and generally eat our way around London. And, as the Morning Sickness bitch reared her ugly head a mere two days later, it was pretty good timing too.


(All photos courtesy of my mate Bec. I’m sure she won’t mind)