Girls Weekend in London

Spot the “gin” and tonic.

So you remember that sicky I was meant to pull just before I was meant to go to London? Well, between that post and the Friday afternoon I was meant to get on the train, I remembered that I’m a terrible liar, put on my brave face and headed to London. I got approximately one “gin” and tonic in to our Friday night, when our mega-French waitress bought me a (very) large gin to go with my tonic. It turns out, there is no subtle way of turning down a (delicious) large gin without getting a whole load of suspicious eyes on you from your best friends. I ‘fessed up approximately 10 seconds later.

I was worried I would put a bit of a dampner on the weekend with all my not-drinking-lots-of-sleeping things, but I was so glad I went. It was a great chance to catch up with the girls and generally eat our way around London. And, as the Morning Sickness bitch reared her ugly head a mere two days later, it was pretty good timing too.


(All photos courtesy of my mate Bec. I’m sure she won’t mind)


2 thoughts on “Girls Weekend in London

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