7 weeks

This week, as well as the constant sliding scale between ‘OMGsofullmightdie’ and ‘OMGneedfoodRIGHTNAOW’, I also seem to have chucked ‘OMGgoingtopassout’ in to the mix. A little bit of internet research later, and I decided it might be something to do with my iron levels. Taking an iron supplement in addition to my pre-natal vitamin seems to be improving things, but I’ll pick this up with the midwife next week.

ALL of my favourite shops announced their summer sales this week, and some right bargains were to be had. Unfortunately, all purchases need to pass the ‘would this look good with a bowling ball up it?’ test, and thankfully, a few did, including this top, this top and this dress from Great Plains and this spotty dress from Fat Face. I’m just COUNTING down the days until it’s socially acceptable to buy some maternity jeans because hotdamn those things look comfy and my bloat needs somewhere to go.

Lovely sister-in-law dropped off a sack full of maternity clothes which was mega kind and exciting, but less so when you remember that she’s 2 dress sizes smaller than you and about a foot shorter. Much hilarity ensued when I managed to actually get in to a pair of maternity trousers before realising they were back to front, and the reason that they fitted was because my arse was in the belly band.

This week, the impact of not going to the gym because I was too busy getting married/going on honeymoon / moving house / oops I’m pregnant really hit home when I felt my arm wobble from side to side when blow drying my hair. So disgusted in my new wobbly ways was I that I googled the swimming timetable at my new local pool and found a local yoga class around the corner (yay), which also does pre-natal yoga (woo yeah). I fired off an email to the yoga woman and did 10 squats, so I reckon that’s my exercise done for this week, right?


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