9 weeks

In addition to the (not since repeated) slowest run in the world that I did last week, I added to my pregnancy fitness regime by buying two yoga dvds and thinking about doing them. Actually, that’s not fair. I did get round to doing half of one, but I had a slice of toast in one hand and I felt a bit stupid during all the ‘put your hands on your belly and connect with your baby’ stuff because the only thing I was actually connecting with was my normal pudgy belly.

I also purchased one of those blow up exercise balls you see pregnant women bouncing on in episodes of One Born Every Minute. I should probably count blowing the bloody thing up as exercise as well, because even with a pump, it was bloody hard work. So far, my husband has done lots of pratting around with it, but as yet, no exercise has been done. Makes a good foot rest though, so all is not lost.

Other than that, this week has been largely uneventful on the pregnancy front. Weeing all night, nausea keeping at bay, lots of sleeping being done and not a lot else.

We headed to Cromer in Norfolk for a weekend camping with some friends, which sounds fun until you need a wee 3 times a night and have to trudge across a field to find a loo. We walked for miles, ate waay too much meat and had a bloody lovely time. I would post a picture of the beach, but WordPress only allows tiddly upload sizes, so you’ll just have to imagine.


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