10 weeks

After my 8 week appointment, the midwife called to let me know that I had a bladder infection, which I thought was a little odd as I felt fine. (Un)luckily for me, the anti-biotics she described are mean and evil and made me feel mega-nauseous once again this week. Still, the little maternity prescription exemption card the NHS sent me kindly softened the blow a little.

I also made my first non-book baby purchases this week in the form of a Bababing delux daytripper bag. My stipulation was that it should be unisex enough for a boy or girl, manly enough so my husband would carry it and not cost the earth. It seriously has so many pockets, it took us 10 minutes to find them all, it’s even got a wipe-able bin section (husband asked why we would possibly need this, didn’t want to break it to him) and everything else you can think of. It costs ~£65 on the John Lewis site which has more snazzy photos and stuff, but we got a Mocha version for £45 delivered from Amazon.

I also caved and bought some amazing maternity trousers. I was a bit apprehensious about  finding trousers to fit as I’m nearly 6ft tall and a size 14, with big calves and a 35 inch leg. It also felt a bit daft to be buying maternity trousers when I clearly don’t have a bump to put in them, but it made even less sense to buy ‘interim’ kecks to last me a few weeks, so off I went. H&M was my first stop, and I was chuffed to bits to find two pairs of skinny low rise jeggings with belly bands (see exhibit A and exhibit B)…

…and a pair of mama denim boyfriend shorts with a belly band which I can’t find a link for love nor money, but I’m wearing them in the “10 week” picture below. As non of my work trousers fit anymore, I also ordered these badboys from Long Tall Sally, which will inevitably be so long I’ll have to turn them up several inches. Oh, and I bought this skirt from Warehouse. I bought it in a 16 to wear under my (so it would be long enough in the leg) which will be lovely for my upcoming jollies.

In other non-shopping related news I got my scan date through (22nd August), went to the pub, hosted a Tapas dinner party with some friends, went swimming, dog sat for my parents and ate a lot of Cinnamon Grahams.

Me and the dog have done lots of this – lying on the sofa with a blanket

The scales are saying I’m the lightest I’ve been for over 2 years, but as I found out I was pregnant the day I moved in to the new house, and hadn’t weighed myself in the old house where I knew the scales were accurate, I can’t tell whether it’s just the weird floor here, or whether I’m actually quite thin. I certainly don’t deserve to be after the amount of biscuits I’ve eaten, but I’ll have to see what the doctor says.

This brings us nicely to the photo of the week:

Check out ma bloat




…and on to the finest bit of photoshoppery of recent times, a bloat comparison chart! And yes, I know it’s all bloat, but it’s new bloat, so I reserve the right to be excited about it!

6 weeks, 8 weeks, 10 weeks bump comparison pic




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