11 Weeks

I’m on a roll with these weeks, they’re going by pretty fast and I feel like I’m kind of in the swing of things. Or as in the swing of things you can be when no-one knows you’re pregnant, it’s 20+’C outside and all you want to do is hide your first trimester bloat under a massive cardi and a huge scarf. Come on Autumn, do your worst. I need to get my knee length boots and tshirt dresses out of storage.

How to get no help and draw no attention to yourself whilst acting like a prat in public:

Still getting the dizziness, which cumulated quite spectacularly with me nearly passing out in Subway. It was really warm, I was carrying a heavy bag and had walked for miles, and because of a client meeting, I was at least one meal down by lunchtime. The queue was massive and I was a bit shaky when I got to the back of the queue, sweating by the time I ordered and gripping the rail for support when they asked me if I wanted it toasted. By the time it got to the bit where they ask what salad you want on your cob, I shouted ‘everything’ before plonking myself arse-first on their beautiful cold tiled floor before my body made the decision to do it for me.

Interestingly, no-one commented, no-one stared and no-one came to help – although this is probably more of a reflection of the normal clientele in that particular branch of Subway than the people of Nottingham. I probably just looked like the world biggest subway fan, which, may just be the case.

New this week:

Interesting new developments this week: I’ve started telling my husband off in my sleep. Not actual words or actual insults, just sleep-grumps that leave him with no doubt that he’s in trouble, but no idea what for. What can I say? I like to keep him on his toes.

Wardrobe dilemma number 2:

I go on holiday in a few weeks. I’ll be 15 weeks when I go, and 16 weeks the day I get back. When I first got pregnant, I assumed I would be all ‘with adorable bump’ by that point, but the closer we get, the more I think I’ll still be all ‘with too many biscuits’. After going swimming a couple of weeks ago and feeling pretty uncomfortable in my lovely bikini, I decided it might be worth investing in something that’s going to cover the gut until it looks more bump like.

Once you chuck in to the mix the fact that you’re a 34G (with no pregnancy boob-gain, yet) and have slightly wonky baps, so need slightly padded cups to detract attention away from the wonkyness, and you’re in a right pickle. I don’t want to get a normal tankini as being just short of 6ft, these usually cut me across the belly button as it is. There’s little point getting a normal cossie as at between Β£30 – Β£60 a shot, I want something that’s going to fit me for more of the pregnancy than this one week in Greece. My wardrobe saviour finally came in the shape of this tankini set from Figleaves Maternity.


It’s not underwired, and on its own, it looks ridiculous, but with a simple black bikini underneath (I can’t find the exact one, but this is similar), it actually looks half decent. And I’ll be comfortable with all the bloat, and be able to wear it at the local pool when I do get a bump too!


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