12 Weeks? 13 Weeks?

Today, I woke up a lovely 12w6d, took a quick bump shot and tootled off for my first ultrasound.

It was, for the record, as awesome as people tell you it will be. What you don’t get from the still images is the general amazingness of seeing the sonographer prod your belly with the scanner thing, and seeing your baby kicking it back defiantly. I dutifully turned up with a full bladder, and was promptly asked to go empty it as he (TOTALLY convinced it’s a boy) was pretty comfy, completely upside down against my mega-full bladder. He had a bit more room once I’d been to the loo. We saw hands and fingers, and feet, spinal cord and heartbeat, it was incredible.

13w5d scan

But what I wasn’t expecting was for the sonographer to measure me at 13w 5d – a week beyond what I thought I was. As well as screwing up my fortnightly bump shots and weekly blogs, this also brings my due date forward to 22nd February 2013.

After initially having a bit of a freak out, I’ve decided that babies come when they want to come, and ‘weeks along’ measurements don’t really mean much in the grand scheme of things.

So, here’s my 12 week 6 day OR 13 week 5 day bump shot. Feeling all belly, but decided to forgive myself for that, considering I’ve seen the baby in there, and he’s officially awesome.

12 weeks 6 days or 13 weeks 5 days?

I’ve also added that to the ongoing bump gallery, which is also screwed up thanks to the docs new calculations…

6 week to 12 week bump progression


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