14 weeks – Coccyx pain, telling friends and family, and a dubious theory about pain relief

You know what sucks? Coccyx pain. Not one of the standard pregnancy complications, but certainly the one that’s causing me the most grief. It doesn’t seem to matter whether I sit, stand, lie, walk or roll about on that damn yoga ball, it still hurts. I’ve taken to sitting on a cushion on my desk at work and sitting on a hot water bottle. In August. Pregnancy makes you a lot of things. Cool is definitely not one of them.

I’ve not taken any pain killers though. I haven’t since I got pregnant. Every time I’ve gone to take them, a little voice says ‘but is the pain really that bad?’ and I get put off. I’m not really sure why, there’s nothing to say that pain killers are going to harm the baby, but there’s definitely a mental barrier there. Subconsciously, maybe I’m approaching pain relief in the same way my body approaches alcohol. Pre-pregnancy, I could sup beer with the best of them, and whilst I didn’t have a mega-high tolerance to the hard stuff, I wasn’t a shandy-pants either. These days, I take a sip of my husbands beer and I come over all tipsy. Maybe if I abstain from pain relief, those 2 paracetamol I take in early labour will be all I need for pain relief? Probably wishful thinking.

Also this week, we dished the dirt and told friends and family who didn’t yet know about the apple-sized offspring making a home in my belly. We were greeted with lots of “squees” and some lovely well wishes, not to mention a doppler, a travel cot, some topshop maternity jeans, a library’s worth of books and a couple of lovely maternity shirts. Could get used to this!


One thought on “14 weeks – Coccyx pain, telling friends and family, and a dubious theory about pain relief

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