A few rambling thoughts on maternity jeans

I don’t think I’m ever going to go back to normal jeans, even when I (fingers crossed) return to my pre-pregnancy shape. Maternity jeans fit better, are more comfy, and don’t let you down when you’re having a particularly fat day. They were MADE for fat days. Never again will you have to unbutton your jeans after a big dinner, because GUESS WHAT? They don’t even HAVE freaking buttons!

Early on, I bought a couple of pairs of ‘Mama’ skinny jeans from H&M because frankly, I was too fat to fit in normal jeans, and too tight to buy jeans in a size up when I would only be needing them for a couple of months. I stumbled across them in the first store I came to, and was so impressed by the comfy-ness that I didn’t bother extending my search any further, even if the big bump band did make them fall down a bit. I was going to be blessed with a watermelon-belly any day now, right? WRONG.

H & M Mama Jeans (click through for link)

A few weeks later, a friend gave me her well loved pair of Topshop Leigh mid-blue maternity jeans it was then I realised the error of my ways. These have a narrower band which is made of thicker and more supportive material, not like H&M’s over-the-bump tshirt fabric band. They’re skinny, without cutting off the blood supply, and as they’ve been worn by two different preggy ladies already, the size 12 fit me like a dream! The H&M jeans have been banished to the drawer in the hope that the full belly band will become a better option the further along I get.

Topshop Leigh Maternity Jeans – image courtesy of Topshop site (click through to be taken to the page)

In the meantime, I’ve caved and bought another pair of theΒ Leigh maternity jeans, in black and a size 14. I’m totally planning to wear them tucked in to boots at work even though the thought of wearing denim in the office feels decidedly against the rules. In fact, it probably definitely is. I’m sure there’s a policy on it somewhere. Whatevs, I’ll flaunt the pregnancy card.

So the moral of the story (if there is one) is don’t buy the first maternity jeans you find. Definitely don’t buy two pairs of them. Shop around. If you have any similarly-sized friends who have cast offs they can send your way, accept them graciously. Previously-loved (read stretched) jeans are the holy grail of maternity comfort.

Lastly, a bit of advice for future-self me, don’t assume the same pair of jeans are going to work for the whole time your pregnant, because I’m sure that is definitely not going to be the case.





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