18 weeks: Bournemouth, removable bumps, special treatment and ebay purchases

This week has been mostly spent under a blanket, with a tissue in one hand and a hot drink in the other. Autumn has well and truly hit, and it’s bought all it’s bugs with it.

I did emerge from under the blanket long enough to spend a couple of days in Bournemouth for work. We caught the most amazing sunset from our balcony, and just as the sun dipped over the horizon, I remembered it was photo time.

18 week bump

In hindsight, it would have been better to have taken a photo when I hadn’t been on the road and on my feet from 5am to 7pm, or when my makeup wasn’t rubbed half way across my face, but there you go. Here’s a clothed version:

18 weeks in Bournemouth

I definitely feel that my shape has changed a lot this week although the comparison photo below would suggest this is largely in my head.  There is definitely a big difference between now and how I looked 6 weeks ago. You’ll just have to take my word for it.

Of course, this bump looks rather pathetic in comparison to the one I tried on in Mamas & Pappas this week. I was looking for an over-the-bump pair of leggings, and they provide a handy removable-bump for you to see what the clothes might look like in a few months. Check out mah belleh:

Mamas & Pappas removable bump

On the proper care and feeding of preggos – This week, I’ve been pondering over the special attention pregnant women get. I think it’s amazing that pregnancy is given a special status in our society. We get preferential treatment on buses, all the gossip from women you hardly know about their pregnancies and all the hand-me-down books, clothes and other bits and bobs you can shake a stick at. Generally, people are looking out for you, and for the bump, and for the most part, that’s bloody lovely. I’ve heard people complain about how intrusive it is for people to ask you how far along you were, or how long til your due date, or whether it’s a boy or a girl. I personally wouldn’t be offended by that, but maybe that’s because only people that know I’m pregnant already have asked. The alternative is somewhere where pregnancy is ignored, people don’t care and have no interest what so ever, and I know which I’d prefer.

All that said, I found myself in a position this week where my boot was definitely on the other foot. [I wrote out a big long paragraph here, moaning about being treated differently in a work environment, when I would have rather have been treated as a professional who happened to be pregnant, but when I read it back, I wanted to give myself a quick slap and refer myself to the paragraph above. As you were.]

On ebay – since payday, I’ve made a few bargain purchases from ebay. My general principal is to buy stuff that I have a chance of wearing post-baby too, although everyone I speak to tells me this will categorically not happen.

What I will say is that for £70, I’ve pretty much doubled my maternity wardrobe, with three tops, three dresses, a maternity cardigan and a nursing bra from M&S (THE comfiest thing ever, I apologise for the sorry state of my bust from now on – this bad boy neither lifts nor separates). I’ve not paid more than £15 for anything, and most of it is new with tags. I spent just over £30 on two Jojo Maman Bebe dresses and a JMB top which if you were to buy from their website would cost well over £100. I’m very happy with my purchases, although slightly freaked out by the boob-holes that come in the wrap dress.

Next week: 20 (19) week scans, cake clubs, and lots of updates about how I’ve been really organised and finally sorted the box room out (yes I will, because I wrote it here, and that means I have to do it)


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