19 Weeks: Anatomy scan, Jon Ronson and cake club

Anatomy Scan Pic

This week, we had our anatomy scan. The pictures never do the whole experience justice, but we got a good 20 minutes of looking around the baby to make sure everything was OK, and even got to see the heart beating blood around the different areas of the heart, flashing in blue and red. Everything looks good, and the little one is measuring right on track or slightly above, even with the new dates we’ve been given.

For some reason, since the scan, things have got a bit more real for me. I’m not really interested in reading my pregnancy books any more, I’m more about the baby books. My ebay saved searches for maternity clothes have been replaced with internet research on buggies and the benefits of baby-led weaning. Basically, I’ve finally got used to the idea of being pregnant, and I’m just about getting used to the idea that there’s going to be an ACTUAL BABY AT THE END OF THIS.

Also, that’s it for scans. The next time we see baby R’s face is probably going to be when it’s born and stuff. Weird. Pre-pregnancy, I wondered why people had those weird 4D baby scans when they would meet their child in the flesh in a few weeks time. THEN I remember being around 8 weeks pregnant, and counting the minutes, hours and days until the 12 week scan, thinking ‘I get it now’. The distance between finding out you’re pregnant and getting your first scan is a lifetime. The distance between your 20 week scan and meeting your newborn is considerably longer. Thing is, I can feel the little one doing flips in my tummy every day, and I’m learning what makes it dance (lying down, cup of tea resting on my belly, anything tasty, husband’s head being anywhere near my belly), and suddenly, I don’t feel the need to see a black and white screen again. I’m getting to know the little wriggler’s personality already, and I’m quite looking forward to seeing it’s face for the first time when it’s in my arms, rather than all smushed up on a 4D scan. But that’s how I feel this week. Ask me again in 10 weeks when I’m climbing the walls and doing a pregnancy-crazy, demanding a 4D scan to go with my Nandos.

On getting my belly on – This week, I feel like I might have finally had a growth spurt in the bump department. Things are feeling a little more rounded, and lots of my clothes have finally started to look daft. I can feel a spring clean of my wardrobe going on, waving goodbye to ‘thin’ clothes and summer clothes until next year.

19 week bump

bit different than two weeks ago, yes?

On Jon Ronson – In non-baby related news, Ronson was in town this week to discuss his new book. Husband is very particular about the books he reads, and there are very few that absorb him completely – JR is right up there with his favourites, so we bought tickets and went along with our friend Kerry (baking blogger extraordinaire) and her partner Lee.

Jon Ronson at Broadway Cinema Nottingham

His latest book Lost At Sea is out now. If you haven’t read it already, I’d also consider sticking The Psychopath Test on your ‘To Read’ list. I’m categorically rubbish at book reviews, so I’ll let amazon do the hard work.

On cake club – I help run a cake club in Nottingham. The basic principal is: once a month, we all bake a cake, then we get together and eat all the cake, whilst raising a bit of money for charity. Over the past year or so, we’ve raised around £2,500 for various charities, and the size of my bottom has increased due to the number of cakes consumed. September’s event was held upstairs at a restaurant in Nottingham, and was sold out with 35 attendees and a whole load of cake. Here’s a photo one of the other organisers took – lookit all those tasty tasty calories.

September’s Cake Club Fothergill’s Nottingham (image courtesy of @cakeclubnotts)


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