20 weeks: pregnancy hormones, hand-me-downs, nesting and flying lessons

On unstable pregnancy hormones – Every Friday morning, a little box pops up on my phone to tell me that I’m at the start of another week of my pregnancy. This Friday started a bit earlier than usual, with a 5am dash up the motorway to a client meeting in Manchester. When we got out of the meeting, I found out that my very very pregnant friend Jen had a beautiful baby boy in the night called Archie. I told my husband the good news and then promptly burst into tears. I knew how daft it was, but I entirely couldn’t control it. It took my poor husband several minutes and a lot of questioning to work out that:

  • I wasn’t sad
  • I wasn’t mad at him
  • It was nothing he’d done
  • The miracle of birth is a truly wondrous thing

Poor, poor man.

on hand-me-downs – The rest of the weekend was spent up north, chilling out with my husband’s family, which is great as we don’t get to see them nearly enough. We’re lucky enough to have 4 nieces and nephews between 1-6 years old who are a joy to be around. There’s also the added benefit of being on the receiving end of hand-me-downs. I’ve got swaddle blankets, swaddle pods, inflatable play donuts (I have no idea if I’m using the right words for this stuff, can you tell?), changing trays that sit on top of the cot, nappies, Johnson & Johnson baby stuff, receiving blankets and a Moses basket, bouncy chair thing and playmat on the way.

On getting our nest on – On Sunday, our nesting instinct finally kicked in and we cleared the guest room and box room in their entirety. It was only when we cleared the boxes out of the box room we realised that it’s actually big enough for a double bed, which means we have a lot more room to play with (as in, I can buy more baby stuff) than we originally thought.

Do you know what? Baby stuff costs a bomb. I remember the first time I browsed the John Lewis buggy section and saw the price of travel systems. I felt dizzy and had to have a little sit down. £900 for a glorified buggy and car seat? That is a WHOLE lot of money.

I decided fairly early on that I wasn’t bothered about having the newest or swankiest babygear. Cots definitely fall in to that category. They’re made of wood. How does it possibly matter whether they are new or second hand? How can I possibly justify spending £200 on a new oak cot-which-doubles-up-as-a-boat-which-doubles-up-as-a-freaking-spacerocket? Unsurprisingly, eBay came to the rescue. A quick search for ‘cot’ according to closest to where we live and we found this bad boy. A couple of clicks later, it was ours for £40, and even better, the current owners live just around the corner.

Even better than that, it is made of 7 bits of wood, which means no screws, no flatpacking and allegedly, one person can put it together in 5 minutes. I’ll test this theory next week when we put it up.

On my husband’s birthday  – I very rarely make grand romantic gestures, and when they do, they involve one of three things:

  • food
  • beer
  • something entirely practical and completely unromantic (“I know said you could do with a stapler, so happy birthday!”)

So, seeing as it looks like this is his last birthday before we enter in to the world of babies’n’snuff, I decided to go all out and get him something I know he’s wanted for years and years.

A flying lesson.

This plane was about the size and the age of an original mini

Husband getting his plane on

His view from the plane. If you look closely, you might just see me having a nap in the car park.

After the lesson, we mooched around the Coventry air museum (he loved it, me – not so much), came home to do some DIY and then had a take away. We are getting OLD, yo.



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