Enjoying the ride

Us pregnant women, we could make moaning an Olympic sport. Granted, this is largely to do with having something new and interesting to moan about on a daily basis, you just never get bored! Recently, for instance, I seem to have developed very soft, very downy blonde hairs all over my stomach. I can’t see that it serves a particular purpose, my jumper is more effective at keeping me warm, so I’m just going to go ahead and assume it’s one of those things that the pregnancy gods send us to keep us on our toes. Like nosebleeds. And sniffer-dog-like sense of smell. And nipples that change colour. Need I continue?

Recently, I seem to spend so much of my time frantically researching or moaning about my latest pregnancy woe that I don’t really stop to think about how bloody lucky we’ve been. We got pregnant the first month we stopped trying not to get pregnant, and have, so far had a pretty uneventful and (dare I say it) textbook pregnancy.  It’s even more awesome now I can feel the jabs kicks and squirms in my belly as a gentle reminder that it’s not just me chilling out in front of ‘Take Me Out: The Gossip’, but a whole other person too (who probably has more high-brow taste in television programmes, but hey). There are lots of couples who would probably give their life’s savings and a whole lot more to be in the situation we’re in, and sometimes, I think I forget that.

Pregnancy, and particularly your first pregnancy, is such a time of unknowns and worry, but that in itself is probably to stand us in good stead for a lifetime of worry once the baby is born. With your first, there’s so much you don’t know, and so much conflicting information, another source of anxiety, especially when for the first time in your life, your decision on whether or not to eat that delicious, juicy rare steak doesn’t only take your feelings and well-being in to concern. There’s also so much BIG STUFF to sort out which you’ve probably not got round to getting your head or your arse in gear for, such as:

  • Do you want the tests they offer, and if you do and you don’t get the results you want, what will you do then?
  • How will you both cope financially with one person out of work?
  • How do you feel about one of your’s career taking a backwards step whilst you raise some babies?
  • How will having a baby affect your relationship with one another, and how will you cope?
  • How can you get the house, your lives and your brains ready for impending parenthood?

I can totally see how second time around, pregnancy would be easier in one respect, and more difficult in another. You’ve been there and done it all before, and by that point, you’ve even probably read the childrearing books you were meant to read too. You don’t really care how many grams the foetus weighs this week, mostly because you’ve got OTHER SHIT TO DO, like another child to look after, and you know that the baby will come out when it’s good, ready and fully formed.

So I am hereby putting down the pregnancy books, and am making a vow to stop and smell the roses with my new-found nasal superpowers. I’m halfway through this pregnancy already, and before I know it, little Baby R will be a) not so little anymore and b) 15 years old and hating my guts. So, if you hear me moaning, kindly point me back in the direction of this blog post, and tell me to get over myself*.


*depending on my mood and the size of my bottom at the time, doing this may result in being forcibly sat on.


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