This time, six months ago…

…I put on a pretty dress, said ‘I do’ to that handsome chap Neil and then took my shoes off and danced around our favourite pub until my feet were sore.

A couple of months later, we were asked to answer a few of questions about having a wedding in Nottingham, so I sent off a few pics, answered the questions and promptly forgot all about it.

…until today, when a colleague mentioned she’d spotted me in a mag whilst she was getting her hair done at the weekend. Turns out another friend had seen it as well, and assumed I knew all about it (I didn’t). What I was expecting was a thumbnail picture and a little blurb in a grubby corner of a weekday issue of the Evening Post. What we got was a double page spread in a wedding supplement. So, if you’re feeling nosy, here’s the double page spread courtesy of the lovely Riah at the Evening Post (click to enlarge):



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