25 weeks: hypnosis, cinema trips, new dresses and getting my craft on

Although it feels like the grand total of 5 minutes since I wrote my last update, another week has apparently whizzed past. This probably means I should stop faffing about and get my Christmas shopping done.

On Mindfulness – Many moons ago, I found a day course run locally which taught techniques for relaxation and self-hypnosis for labour. I’d read a little about the concept of hypnobirthing – it made sense to me in principle, especially the stuff around feeling pain more if you’re expecting to feel pain, but it was all a little too hippyish/chanting/placenta-eating for me to take 100% seriously. This was a bit of a happy medium – it had the theory behind hypnobirthing, but I didn’t get the impression that they would judge you if you preferred a hospital environment and dropping a few f-bombs over giving birth single handedly under a full moon whilst snacking on organic berries.

This course took the techniques and some of the science behind hypnobirthing and taught it in a really accessible way so you could apply it to your own circumstances. There were 4 other couples in the class with us, varying from second time home-birthers, anxious first time mums to a couple with gestational diabetes who were going in for a pre-term induction. I learnt a huge amount about how your state of mind, environment and the support you have around you can help, and would recommend it to anyone who’s in the family way and even half interested in finding out more. Blimey. That was almost serious for a minute then. Inane drivel commences now:

The Sapphires – My friend Kerry and I pick’n’mixed ourselves up in the cinema on Sunday watching The Sapphires with Chris O’Dowd. It’s the story of an aboriginal girl group who go to entertain the troops in Vietnam. Well worth a watch.

Also, Broadway cinema does hot chocolate that looks like this:

What you can’t see is the layer of marshmallows UNDER the cream. HELL YEAH.

Isabella Oliver dress – This week I also treated myself to an Isabella Oliver dress via ebay, which was a complete bargain at £19.73 with free delivery as she lived around the corner from me. Especially considering its £105 new, and you can’t tell the one I bought second hand has even been worn. I had visions of putting this away and wearing it for Laura’s Hen Do in February. Not sure how well this plan is going as it’s so flattering and comfy, I’ve worn it twice already this week. Oops.

Getting my craft on – I am unashamed to say, the least crafty person to walk this earth. I didn’t learn to catch a ball until I was 10, so my hand eye co-ordination rarely extends to things like sewing, or knitting, or crochet, but this week, I’ve surprised myself.

Neil set me a challenge of finding him a red velvet cushion with gold trim, and a pair of minature red velvet curtains to be used as props on a shoot next week. After considerable ebay research, I admitted defeat and suggested he got himself over to Victoria market to buy the materials and I would ‘throw something together’ myself.

So I did what every self-respecting crafting idiot would do. I went around to my mums under the guise of ‘borrowing the sewing machine’, and got her help to make the cushion cover and curtain.

Of course, the cat thought we’d just made her a new cushion.

…fast forward a week and I realise this blog is still half written and sat in my drafts. I can’t even REMEMBER what I did the rest of the week, so we’re just going to have to leave it there. 


5 thoughts on “25 weeks: hypnosis, cinema trips, new dresses and getting my craft on

  1. Beautiful new dress, keep it and wear it all the time! Also for less than £20 when it’s still being sold for five times that much is pretty amazing. Speaking of amazing, that hot chocolate looks to die for! Although I’d worry that my sweet tooth would actually just explode… 😀
    I read an article once that said it’s actually best not to have your partner at your birth, as then you can’t fully focus on yourself because you’re still worrying about him! I can see how a good environment would help, although the idea of placenta eating bemuses/disgusts/downright scares me!

    • Thanks for the lovely comments on the dress, I think I’ll definitely wear it post-bump as well 🙂

      I think it’s really interesting that men generally haven’t been present at births for hundreds of years, it’s a really new thing, relatively speaking. I think having him there for me is definitely part of feeling safe/that familiar environment. Although it’s the birth of HIS firstborn as well as mine, I’m not sure he’d be too chuffed if I told him he could leave and come back once the baby had been born – he wouldn’t want to miss the experience!

  2. I once saw someone leave Broadway, with a mug on their table which had been a hot chocolate that they’d completely devoured, but left behind the flake on their saucer. I mean, REALLY, who gets a hot chocolate like that, ingests the entire thing, and then says “You know what? That flake is a bit much…”? WEIRDO.

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