30 weeks

I like the sound of 30 weeks. In the same way that getting a Kindle changed the way that I think about how far I am in to a book from page numbers to percentages, being 30 weeks pregnant out of a total of 40 weeks is officially 75% there. I think that is pretty damn impressive. Well done, me.

It’s been a bloody busy week, but absolutely none of it has been baby-related. Here’s a quick round up:

  • On Friday, after delayed flights, missed connections, unplanned stopovers in Paris and freezing fog, I finally got Neil back from Italy. He celebrated by sleeping non-stop for 14 hours.
  • On Saturday, one of my best friends, Holly turned up on my doorstep. She’s been travelling the world for nearly 2 years, and as far as I was aware, wasn’t going to be coming back for another couple of years at least. She had other plans and decided to pop back to surprise her friends and family for Christmas before disappearing again for far off lands. I may/may not have done a little cry, then put the kettle on.
Kate, Holly and Becky

Me, Holly and Becky

  • Holly’s unexpected arrival made us late for a trip up North to Neil’s hometown for a pre-Christmas get together (oops). I realised the hard way that my tried and tested “Princess and the Pea” style bed-nest cannot be easily replicated by a single duvet and extra pillows in an unfamiliar bed. Lesson learned, next time, I’m taking my own nest with me.
  • On Sunday, it was the turn of my side of the family to have the pre-Christmas get together. We met somewhere in the middle between North Wales, Leicester and Nottingham, which ended up being somewhere just outside of Crewe. I had a version of an Eton mess that contained brownie, meringue, honeycomb, cream, chocolate fudge sauce and ice-cream. It was so good, I did a little cry. Oh, and it was nice to catch up with my family and stuff too.
  • On Monday, we went for dinner at my Grandma’s house. My favourite story about Grandma is the one where she got locked in the bathroom and climbed out of the window, over the gate and down her street in her knickers in the rain. When her neighbors eventually realised she was still of sound mind and actually needed help, they leant her a coat and helped her break back in to her house, back through the small bathroom window. She’s 82 years old, and far fitter than I will ever be, despite the fact that she serves 5 different types of carbs with a pork chop dinner. This week, however, she told me a story about a young football team that my Grandad used to coach in the 60s, his new pair of spectacles and an unfortunate incident involving the new spectacles and a stripper on the football team’s bus, which I think might just have overtaken the bathroom knicker dash story to the top spot.
  • On Tuesday, Nottingham City WI’s Book Club was hosted at my house. It turns out, “Life of Pi” is more enjoyable to talk about than I thought it was when I actually read it. I’d be very interested in seeing the film when it comes out in a few day’s time, but I’ll wait to hear other people’s reviews as to not wreck the book itself.
  • On Wednesday, we saw our friends Kerry and Matt for some pub grub and a Belgian waffle that rocked my pregnant-lady-world possibly more than was appropriate. This has been a week of very good puddings.
  • Thursday was present wrapping and chilli and nachoing with Holly and Bec, and Friday was Helen’s lovely Christmas open house with the ladies from WI.
  • Between all of those bulletpoints above, I also squeezed in 7 hours of work a day, 3 grocery shopping trips, a prenatal workshop on ‘Looking after yourself in pregnancy’ (which might as well have been renamed ‘Don’t you think you should stop doing Judo now you’re 25 weeks pregnant?’) and approximately 10 hours sleep each night. Busy week.

Oh, and I also got round to getting Neil to take a bump photo with rained-on hair and rained-off makeup.

30 week bump

And, because I hadn’t done it in a while, and was genuinely interested in how it looked, a belly out shot too…30 weeks (7)

I look pretty, err, pregnant. Here’s a comparison:6 16 23 30 weeks bump comparison

I think this might be my favourite bit of the pregnancy so far. OK, so there are some bad bits, lots of broken sleep and sore bones, getting out of bed and putting on your knickers is increasingly difficult and all those non-maternity clothes that still kind-of looked OK are now definitely out of bounds. But the good bits outweigh all that. I have a big round tummy to rub and be smug at. The little wriggler does little barrel rolls on demand. I’m going to give birth to a BABY soon, AND it’s nearly Christmas. Where’s that pause button?


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