A few rambling thoughts on underwear

On Boobs

I used to like bras. They made your boobs look rounder, higher, and generally better than they look without them. That was, until I got pregnant and my skin got all over sensitive. All of a sudden, my bras felt like they were made out of sandpaper and the first thing I did when I got in the house was to take it off.

Then I found this bad boy, the Bravado Silk Seamless Nursing Bra. This bra doesn’t make your boobs look round, or high, or good in any way shape or form. It doesn’t even come in bra sizes, it just does small, medium and large. Sometimes, I don’t even undo the bra clasps at the back and put it on over my head instead. It is soft and stretchy and BLOODY COMFORTABLE. Oh, and it has clasps so you can whop out a boob to breastfeed when the baby is here. I’m sure it’ll be good for that and stuff as well.
Bravado Silk Seamless Maternity Bra

*Update 22/02/13* I’ve got a new favourite. It’s the same as the bra above, but for us, ahem, larger ladies. It’s way more supportive, and I have found myself on several occasions wearing it out in public without the fear that the ladies are going to make a bid for freedom if I bend over too far. Plus, it’s £22. Here are the details

Sophie Nursing Bra by Panache

Around 34 weeks, I went to Bravissimo get fitted for a nursing bra, and was told that I needed to come back around 38 weeks to be fitted properly. I told them that at 38 weeks, there was very little chance I was going to be traipsing around town buying bras, as I had a 3 week long date with the sofa and the Tivo box, and asked if I could just take my chances now. The woman who fitted me was a) bloody lovely, b) pregnant herself with her third child in 5 years and c) a massive breastfeeding advocate, which was pretty ideal as I got to get a lot of my stupid nursing bra/breastfeeding questions out of the way.

Also, despite none of my old bras fitting me around the ribs any more, she measured me at a 32GG from a 34G. Not quite sure how that works, but the 34Gs didn’t fit, and the 32GGs did, so can’t argue with FACTZ.

I tried a few different styles on, some which made my boobs all pointy, others that made them resemble udders, and finally settled on this one:

Sophie Nursing Bra by Panache

She recommended not wearing this yet and trying it on after my milk comes in. If I need a bigger size, I can always send Neil in to town to swap it for a bigger one, lucky chap.

[as a side note, how come these women are always having a quick chuckle at their boob when they model these bras?]

The lovely Bravissimo lady who fitted me also highly recommended the Mothercare Blooming Marvellous cross-over sleep bra for, well, sleeping, and those days you don’t really get out of your PJs.

Once I have more of an idea of how big the bazongas are going to get, I’m also eyeing up the Elomi Beatrice Soft Cup Nursing Bra and the Elomi Smoothing Underwired Nursing Bra.

On Bums

When I first got in the family way and was in the phase of endlessly searching online for nuggets of wisdom and products I couldn’t live without, I was a bit perplexed by the existance of maternity pants. I could understand pre-pregnancy saucy knickers and post-baby grannypants, but surely the bit in the middle didn’t warrant a whole genre of knickers?

I was right. It’s a complete false-need to make you buy more pants. OK, so some of my pants stopped fitting right, but that was more to do with my ever expanding arse than a need for a specific kind of pregnancy-undergarment. All I needed was pants that were low in the rise, generous in the arse and (as I have a new-found sensitivity to anything rough touching the skin over my hips) made of a nice soft material.

Introducing…John Lewis 5 Pack Shorts. OK, so they might not have a very catchy name, and are definitely not going to be seen gracing the bumcheeks of a Page 3 model any time soon, but at £2 a pair, they rival Pradamark in the price stakes, are much higher quality, and won’t magically stop fitting when I find myself with child instead of with bump.

John Lewis 5 Pack Cotton Shorts

On PJs

One thing that didn’t feature on my radar at all at the beginning, but definitely does now is how inadequate my pre-pregnancy PJ collection was once my bump got past about 25 weeks. The support vests I favoured from Bravissimo ended up bunched under my boobs leaving my belly exposed, both lounging on the sofa and between wee-breaks when I actually slept at night.

So, given the amount of time spent on the sofa in recent months, I did find myself investing in a couple of cheap PJ tops to keep my midriff covered. I got a non-maternity LOGG top in XL from H&M with poppers to the waist which does the job nicely, as well as a button down grandad shirt from H&M Mama which isn’t online any more and one like this from New Look. One was specifically maternity wear, none were pyjama tops, all of them can be worn post-birth and all definitely cost me less than a tenner.

I also treated myself to some PJ bottoms in the January sale with some money from my Nana. At nearly 6ft tall, all women’s PJs are NEVER long enough in the leg, never warm enough and are usually made out of thin, scratchy material. Blokes PJ bottoms, and especially those from Fat Face are definitely wear it’s at. I bought these in red check for £20 in the sale. The elasticated waistband can be rolled down under the bump so they still stay up, and despite buying an XL, they fit like a dream (oh God). As soon as I can get my bloody husband to take them off for longer than 5 minutes, I might actually be able to wear them.

P.S. my altogether favourite pair of PJ bottoms are yoga pants from Asquith London. I bought them about 5 years ago and have lived in them ever since. They are made from the softest bamboo fabric known to man, wash like a dream and more importantly, don’t get stolen by Neil.


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