34 weeks

I kicked off week 34 with a visit from our best friends Laura and Pete. We headed to Las Iguanas for food, where, rather embarrasingly, the table had to be moved so that I could squeeze in behind it. This situation was not helped by the three courses of delicious South American food that followed. Nom.

Las Iguanas Nottingham

On Saturday, I had a little birthday party! As I appear to be inching closer and closer towards my due date, I wanted to get people together for a little lunch followed by cake in case my anti-socialness went off the scale and I didn’t resurface until a few weeks after little-un is born. Fifteen of us hit my local pub for lunch, then an ungodly amount of cake was consumed back at my house. I also got some bloody lovely gifts, including peanut butter cookie/cheesecake slices from Kerry, and some special chocolate just for little old preggo me from Erin.Β 

Pregnancy Chocolate

When I’ve not been busy extending my birthday celebrations over the course of two weeks, I’ve noticed that I have become a complete clutz of late. I think the change in my centre of gravity, coupled with the basketball up my jumper and my profound lack of spatial awareness has meant that I get myself in situations where I’m stuck or my belly gets wedged in something far more often than I’d like to admit (teeny tiny toilet cubicles, I’m looking at you). This is not, of course helped by the snow, or the slush, or the ice that followed it, which subsequently put a halt on fun stuff like the WI Book Club at Malt Cross. Sad panda.

The snowy weather did make for some excellent sunsets though, and we all know how much I love a good sunset.

nottingham snowy sunset

I’ve also been doing some more excellent nesting. I’ve cajoled our landlords in to getting us a new back door, finally (don’t think this technically counts, but whevs). Net curtains have gone up in our room and the baby’s room (my mum might have had a lot to do with this), a blind has been purchased for the bathroom (next step, installing it), new fluffy towels have been purchased and washed (I managed this bit all by myself), loo roll and toiletries have been stockpiled and cupboards have been emptied.

In pregnancy related news, I also experienced Braxton Hicks contractions that were actually painful (rather than just involving a rock hard stomach which is fun to prod) for the first tiem. Basically, I overdid it with the nesting. A weekend trip around Dunelm Mill, Mamas & Papas and Ikea, followed by tidying the house, unloading the dishwasher and putting away every item clothing I own now consists of ‘overdoing it’. It was actually quite interesting to feel the pain as a bit of a reference point for the beginning stages of labour (YES I KNOW LABOUR CONTRACTIONS ARE DIFFERENT), just to know a little bit about what to expect. However, unlike labour, with a pint of water and a lie down, these contractions went away. Hurrah.

Snow in Nottingham January 2013

This week, I also gained a new-found respect for the marvel that is central heating, especially as we were treated to several inches of the white stuff. Our boiler died an undignified death and we were left quite literally in the cold. I did what every sensible pregnant woman would do. I went to bed at 6o’clock with my kindle and the electric blanket on full blast. Two pairs of leggings, three pairs of socks, four jumpers and 24 hours later, the nice British Gas engineer replaced a ‘hamster wheel’ (his words, not mine) and the heating and hot water is back up and running. Related: I also learned that our central heating system is run by hamsters. Clever little buggers.

Also: to the 5 people who found my blog using the search terms ‘blog cake nachos pregnant’, I hope you found everything you were looking for and more.


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