37 weeks

I am pathetically apathetic when it comes to politics and current affairs. Once upon a time, the first thing I did in the morning was turn on BBC News to catch up on the latest world events over the previous 24 hours. It was 10 years ago, at the start of the Iraq war, and I knew everything there was to know about everything (or so I thought). Fast forward a couple of years and I find myself in University doing a course that revolves around global relations, politics, war, migration patterns, ethnic relations and gender equality issues. And robots. And body modification. And a bit of Buffy the Vampire Slayer thrown in for good measure. I had an opinion on everything and pretty much thought I was a badass.

At some point since I graduated, I’ve started listening to less and less Nick Drake and more and more Girls Aloud. I still kept up to date with current affairs, but found more and more that the constant cycle of depressing political news had me over-involved and teary eyed, so I slowly retreated in to a world of blissful ignorance. I figured anything I needed to know about I would find out about from Twitter, or from the little push messages the Sky News iPhone app sends you when something they think is really important happens.

In direct contrast with my decline in to ignorance, over the same time period Neil has gone from an edgy larger drinking student to a Radio 4 listening, real ale drinking, DIY-doing grown up. A grown up that gets excited when he finds out that the BBC are coming to Southwell to record “Any Questions” with a few politicians and one of the Dimblebys. Probably also one who will be mad at me when he reads the above paragraph. Whatever, ITS ALL TRUE.

So this has been a very long way of saying that we started the week at a recording of BBC Radio 4’s “Any Questions” in Southwell. Well. First we had AMAZING bangers and mash at the Bramley Apple pub and a slice of cake at my Grandmas, and THEN we went tot he live broadcast of “Any Questions”. BBC Radio 4 Any Questions Southwell Nottingham George Galloway, Keith Vas, Kenneth Clarke

Considering my documented lack of interest in politics, I enjoyed the show much more than I was expecting, especially the heckling from the audience. I wasn’t a fan of the hard wooden seats and we made out exit shortly after the recording ended so I could get some much needed beauty sleep.

Saturday was all about making American pancakes for the first time and a dash up the M1 to see my Grandma, Aunty and Uncle. My Aunty and Uncle had previously asked what they could get us for the baby, and we’d asked for this foldable baby bath – what I wasn’t expecting was them to have filled it with really sweet and practical gifts like “In the Night Garden” DVDs, Sudocrem, bibs, socks and scratchmitts. We were really touched.

My first attempt at pancakes

My first attempt at pancakes

Neil’s parents made a flying visit from up North on Sunday, and we did the “Behind the Scenes” tour of Wollaton Hall after Kerry’s recent blog about it.  The tour costs £3 for concessions and £5 for adults, lasts just over an hour, and is well worth a visit. You get to see lots of rooms that are normally closed to the public, including the caves beneath, the kitchen, the beautiful room at the top of the house and the roof. The top two photos are borrowed from Kerry’s blog on the subject – thanks Kerry! Click on the photos for the link.

[props to Emma for teaching me how to make a pretty gallery]

After the tour, we tootled (or waddled, in my case) over to Fothergills by Nottingham Castle for a lunch with both sets of parents. This was our first time eating at Fothergills (other than Cake Club) and I have to say, I was bloody impressed. It was, hands down, the best Sunday lunch I’ve had (except my Dad’s, which rocks), and their fudge brownie was out of this world delicious. Unfortunately for my little sister (who’d actually ordered the brownie and not the lemon posset like I had), this meant that she didn’t get much of her own pudding. Whatever, baby needs brownie.

This week was my last week in work, and I got myself in to a little routine of working 8am-4pm, catching up on admin on my lunchbreak, then getting stuff done between about 4-7pm before having dinner and relaxing for the rest of the evening. Hospital bags have been packed, babygrows have been unfolded and refolded for the umpteenth time, the nursery has been cleared and the laundry has been done.

As of tomorrow, the out of office is on, and I’m officially on maternity leave. I originally had plans to sit on my arse and wait for the baby to arrive, but now I’m actually on the brink of being able to do that, there’s too much I want to get done before the baby gets here. I have stuff to return to shops, grocery shopping to do, we’ve got friends coming to stay for the weekend, my best friend Laura comes to stay on Monday and we’ve got a facial booked, I’ve got the midwife on Tuesday, Kate and Jen coming on Wednesday and a meeting at work (WHAT? I’ve only just left!) and swimming on Thursday – which takes me nicely to 39 weeks. By which point, I might just be ready for that sit down.


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