One year on

Nottingham Council House Civil Ceremony May 2012

Copyright Lucy Stendall Photography

A year ago today (or this week, by the time I actually got around to finishing this post), me and that handsome chap said our “I do”s in front of our nearest and dearest, had a massive party and finished the night off with my new husband passed out and me stuck in my wedding dress, eating a cold Big Mac in our hotel room.

Eleven months later, we headed back to the same registry office with our babe in arms to make him official. Not being one to miss an opportunity for a comparison shot, we attempted to recreate a couple of our wedding shots in the hope of making it an annual tradition. If nothing else, it’s a good reminder what a difference being two stone lighter, having a tan and wearing some decent make up can make.

Baby Registering Nottingham Council House April 2013

Our wedding day (May 2012) and registering Billy (April 2013) at the Council House in Nottingham

Our wedding day (May 2012) and registering Billy (April 2013) at the Council House in Nottingham

I wrote a big long sentimental stream of consciousness about how fit my husband is, how much he makes me laugh, how much I love him and how over the moon I am about the little family we’ve made, but I read it back and even I did a little vom in my mouth. So instead, I’ll tell you that we celebrated our anniversary with our first child free night out, beer, a 30oz steak and a pretty special sticky banoffee cake at Larder. In typical new parent style, we were drunk after 2 pints, got home at 9pm and had the makings of a hangover by midnight.

Neil excelled himself in the gift department and bought a beautiful print from Bold & Noble for our bedroom wall, what with it being our paper wedding anniversary and all. I, not thinking for a million years that Neil would know it was our paper anniversary anyway, gave him a tin robot. Neil 1 – 0 Kate.

Bold and Noble heart print

So there you have it. 12 months, a ring, a honeymoon, a house move, a baby and a 30oz steak. Here’s to the next one!


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